Gathering high-quality global resources to create maximum value for customers
Customer focus Provides the quality product and the service
iCtoyar is a component service provider whose main business is electronic component agency, solution design, distribution, etc.
We are committed to becoming an excellent global supplier of electronic components
Serving over 5000 customers worldwide: Our service scope covers industrial control, communication, power supply, automobiles, and new energy Professional sales, channel control, and after-sales service in various fields, with customer demand as the highest instruction, comprehensive approach, and high-quality and efficient implementation of your needs
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Close collaboration with over 40 brands
Ensure access to the cutting-edge components you need anytime, anywhere
Supply of scarce materials within 1 day
Global supply consisting of over 5000 suppliers
Chain, capable of quickly and effectively discovering high-quality global resources
Quickly address your material needs.
Internal professional QC and technical personnel
Conduct comprehensive and strict QC inspections on components to ensure
Ensure that each batch of components is delivered to customers' hands
Professional inventory management plan
Standardization of the warehousing supply chain, improvement of distribution and warehousing
Efficiency ensures that you receive our products as soon as possible
Corporate Culture
ICtoyar is committed to becoming one of the world's excellent electronic component suppliers, integrating global high-quality resources, and persistently creating long-term value for customers!
We should do our best to take responsibility for our actions towards customers, teams, and suppliers, maintaining a high level of integrity, respect, and mutual trust!
iCtoyar respects a happy and upward working culture, and we work wholeheartedly to create better performance for Jituoyuan, making us the most valuable platform
Quality Assurance
Total Quality Management
Quality requirements for the entire process
Authoritative quality certification
Quality awareness of all employees
Co Branding
Integrate global high-quality resources and persist in creating long-term value for customers
Marketing network covering over ten regions worldwide
Serving over 5000 customers worldwide
20 years
20 years of professional experience, dedicated to doing a good job
200 million
Own inventory exceeding 200 million pieces